My first blog and my first cake for highschool graduate.


Wow two exciting things to write about, 1st:  Hello.  Anyone else out there??  I have never blogged before.  This is a whole new experience.  Really it shouldn’t be such a big deal.  Right?  I mean almost everyone these days has a blog.  But I am feeling the intimidation people.  Knowing that at least one other person is reading my thoughts, on the internet….it is kinda a big deal!

But I felt it was the time.  I have been posting the photos of what I bake on Facebook for about a year now, and with people starting to order more from me I thought a blog was a great way to start showing more people what I can do.  So here I am.  And if you are a reading this.  Thank you. You r0ck!!  Now on to the real reason you (and I) are here.

I was asked back in May if I would bake a cake by my husbands colleague.  Her sister is graduating from highschool, and she follows my Sweet Tooth group photos and would love to have a cake done by me.  Of course I jumped at the chance.  I want to get in as much work as I can.  And she gave me complete freedom to do what I wanted.  But with one request that it be egg free.  Her brother hasn’t been able to eat cake because no cakes are free from eggs.  So of course I agreed to it.  You have got to keep the costumer happy.  And I am here to please.

I wanted to stay away from the traditional cakes I see around Sweden that look like the graduation cap.  But I wanted to stay true to Swedish style.  And what isn’t more Swedish this time of year then strawberries!  I also wanted to keep it feminine and pretty.  So this is what I am come up with.  A beautiful vanilla egg free cake, covered in fresh strawberry butter cream.  I got stuck with what I would fill it with.  And then I remembered I had some sweetened condensed milk.  Goodness I love that stuff!  And I cooked it up with a bit of chocolate (who doesn’t love strawberries and chocolate mmm) to thicken it up and left it to cool.  To add a bit of femininity I piped a simple pink rose and made a couple butterflies out of chocolate to sit on top.  Pretty right?


About zyna83

I'm a Canadian living in Sweden. I took my adoration for sweets and started baking as a hobby and making it into a profession, my hubby and I are the process of opening our own little cafe/bakery in our little city of Linköping, Sweden. Bringing a bit of NA treats to Sweden. Yummy!!! I have two little munchkins and a sexy Swede who are my world. I love my life!

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  1. Beautiful cake!
    It’s very exciting to see you’ve got a new blog and I’m looking forward to reading your updates! I think it’s wonderful to see someone do something they love so much and to see them grow and develop their talent! Good luck with the new project Zyna!

  2. This is really exciting Zyna. I am so proud of your accomplishments so far. I’m excited about your future doing something that gives you so much pleasure and others too.

  3. The cake was completly awesome. Both beautiful and tasted good! Couldn’t wish for a better cake for my graduation! Thank you very much!
    Can I borrow the pictures of the cake and post a link to your fb-group?
    And thanks again for this wonderful cake! 🙂

    • Of course you can use the photos Kajsa. Thanks for asking, and thank you for asking me to make your cake. It was my pleasure. Hope to hear from you again!

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