White Chocolate Buttercream Rose Cake


So here it is. I just love this technique. It is so easy, but so beautiful!



This is a chocolate lovers dream cake. Gorgeous chocolate cake, I need to share this recipe with you one day soon. Once you try it there will be no need for another. And inside I filled it one layer with chocolate butter cream, and another one with pastry cream and yummy fresh Swedish strawberries. How can it get any better you ask?? Well I covered it with white chocolate butter cream.
What makes it even better is when you get a wonderful review from the birthday girl and her family and their guests! I am so pleased with how it turned out. I could imagine this rose cake would look so lovely as a tiered wedding cake. With a bit of colour too. Anybody getting married and need a cake?? *wink, wink*



About zyna83

I'm a Canadian living in Sweden. I took my adoration for sweets and started baking as a hobby and making it into a profession, my hubby and I are the process of opening our own little cafe/bakery in our little city of Linköping, Sweden. Bringing a bit of NA treats to Sweden. Yummy!!! I have two little munchkins and a sexy Swede who are my world. I love my life!

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