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Mmmmm S’mores


An empty pan in my home is a great sign that what I baked was a success.  Depending how long it takes gives me and even better idea. These S’mores bars took my family plus a couple friends about 24 hours to devour.  They are so delicious.  When I came across this recipe I just knew I had to give it a try.  And I have made them twice now in the last 3 weeks and both times they have disappeared in two days.

Instead of using marshmallows you use marshmallow fluff.  No matter how old I get, I will never be too old to eat marshmallow fluff right out of jar.  It made the perfect consistency, even after the bars have cooled, you still get that gooey marshmallow center.  And the graham cracker dough is so delicious, I had to stop myself from eat the raw dough.  Another sign that I know what I am about to make is going to be amazing.  And any excuse to use Sweden’s Marabou milk chocolate.

The combination is sweet overload and you definitely need a glass of milk after one bar but you will keep coming back for more.  I promise.  Now you don’t need to go camping every time you want to enjoy a classic summer treat!

You can find the amazing recipe here.