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Coca-Cola Cake


Last week was pretty busy.  I had two birthday cakes to make.   I am only just in the beginning stages of figuring out how to time things and I only have my own home kitchen to do everything so I have to schedule everything around my kids, and my husband who works full time.  I can imagine having a business kitchen one day would help things go a little more smoothly, but I take everything as a learning curve.  Ok sorry, back to the cakes.  I was asked, no wait my husband was asked by our neighbor if I would make their son his birthday cake.  You see, I live in Sweden and well my Swedish is pretty pathetic so my neighbors prefer to speak to my husband than me…at least that is why I *think* they prefer him.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity.  When they showed me the picture of what they wanted I did take a moment and almost hesitated.  I would show you the picture but I don’t have the link to where it came from so I don’t want to get into any
Anyway, the cake was all about Coca-Cola.  They wanted me to make them a novelty cake.  Basically the concept was a coke can elevated in the air with “coke” being poured out into a big bowl of coke.   I have never done a novelty cake before so you can kind of understand why I almost said no.  But I decided to go for it in the end.  I stared at the picture for hours, looking at how it was probably put together.  And then I looked at other pictures online and lots of tutorials!!!  I am such a perfectionist, which  when it comes to cake decorating can be a blessing and a curse.  So of course I wanted this cake to be perfect, but how can it be perfect if I have no experience, oh the dilemma.
But I gave it my best shot.  I spent a few days on this cake, and I can tell you that I have learned a lot from this experience.  One thing I learned is I don’t like working with marzipan, and much prefer the texture of fondant.
Oh and a big shout out to my husband who was up until 2.00 am with me the night before making me laugh when I felt like crying.  He keeps me going and is there every step of the way to help me make my dream a reality.  I am one lucky girl…

Ok enough of this mushy stuff I know you just want to see the cake.  It isn’t the best I will remind you but for my first time I am pretty pleased with the results and more importantly so were my neighbors- they didn’t want to cut into it because they thought it was so cool.

If you want the recipe for the cake or how I constructed it, please let me know!  I am happy to share.
Here it is folks, my first novelty cake
(Keep an eye out for my next post about my other cake)